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Equipment / Technical Capability

Short facts:

Circular knitting machines: over 200 machines
Flat knitting machines (collars and cuffs): over 30 machines
Production capacity: 600 tons/month

Our capabilities:

The diversity of our set of machines allows us to produce all kinds of knitted fabrics, from the basic to the most innovative ones (jersey, jersey jacquard, italian fleece, american fleece, pique, rib, interlock simple, interlock jacquard, interlock double face, jersey stripes, interlock stripes, pique stripes, italian fleece stripes, polar fleece, jacquard fleece, terry fleece, rib transfer, eyelet...).

We also have flat knitting machines to produce collars and bands, which are accessories for the main circular knitted fabrics.


Our integrated custom-built information system grants us online overview and control of the production process.

We aim to combine the latest technical innovations with our 65 years of experience and know-how.


Our integrated quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) guarantees integrated process quality control. Our facilities include an internal lab equipped to perform a complete range of physical and chemical tests on yarns and fabrics.


Our 24h per day fabric quality inspection guarantees that we inspect 100% of the fabric meters we export.